Have you ever heard someone say “Omg I can’t eat carbs after 7pm or I’m going to gain weight?” *raises hand*
Or what about.. “Pizza makes you fat, I can’t eat pizza”
How about the new celery juice cleanse that’s going around?!
Here’s what you need to know: your body can’t tell time, it doesn’t get to be 7pm and your body suddenly says, “oh guess I better store this oatmeal as fat now it’s past 6:59” nope. what can get stored as fat is any foods eaten in a caloric surplus. THAT INCLUDES HEALTHY FOODS! It’s 100% possible to bulk without ever eating a slice of pizza or anything else that people consider “junk food” and still gain weight. Eating 600 calories of avocado is still 600 calories. Sure, micronutrients will differ, but if you’re in a surplus – you will still gain weight.
Check out today’s video on my top 5 nutrition myths and let me know what you think!
Have you heard these myths before? have YOU believed them?